great minds come together

Judy and Anita met and saw an opportunity to combine expanded awareness and deeper understanding together with subconscious block clearing.
We saw an opportunity to bring our unique talents to synergistically create a new kind of group, a monthly working group for women focused on personal and business growth.  We have created a space where authentic connection happens and everyone quickly spirals upwards personally, and in their business.
The result is a progressive network of inspired entrepreneurial women. It's exciting to see the cumulative growth of our regular members and the increased upwards and forward movement of their businesses.
Judy and Anita have an intimate understanding of what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur, recognizing and appreciating the journey of personal growth and skills development, amidst the demands and expectations of our many roles.
In the synergy of working with us, you’ll experience subtle and obvious shifts, elevation in your consciousness, new levels of awareness and understanding, and an increased sense of confidence and inner peace. Through integrating and applying what you've learned at each meeting, you’ll experience multi-dimensional positive impact on your confidence, your life, your relationships and your business.

Judy Onorato

Judy's readings and teaching provide clarity and energy for what's next to increase success and be true to yourself in the process. Consultant, Intuitive Astrologer, Numerologist, Entrepreneurial guide and teacher, Judy excels in applying metaphyscis to life and business providing profound insight, unique perspective and an expanded awareness of right timing and opportunities.

Judy sees the opportunity in the blocks, frustrations and limitations. Her confirming insight and door-opening foresight feeds your confidence in making significant decisions and strategizing your next move. She helps you discover and align to your true life purpose, integrating it into your business, so that you can live a happier, more harmonious and richer life.

With a background in start-ups and next-level ventures Judy brings over 30 years of metaphysical and business experience to the table to help you improve your performance. She's known for her ability to open the way forward for her clients to experience smoother progress, increased impact, recognition and results.

Email:   Phone: 647 222 2889

Anita Colussi-Zanon

Anita helps people like you clear the past or present baggage holding you back in your life. She is an expert in removing overwhelm, complication and targeting the blocks, helping you have more peace and build new energy around what's happening. 

As an Angelic Intuitive, Anita clears away the obstacles and gets rid of subconscious limiting beliefs so that you feel happier and freer to move forward. She does this using Inner Influencing, a powerful subconscious modality.

Anita is the author of the book The Books of Light: Angelic Peace and Healing. This book was given to her by the angels in order to help people be whole and live happier lives.

Anita works with people one-on-one, over Zoom and Skype.

Want to work with Anita?

Email her at 

Phone: 416 471 4834

Join us for a profound experience in personal and business growth.