a unique working group for entrepreneurial women

We are a unique monthly working group for entrepreneurial women. Join us to grow stronger and freer in your business. Make connections, clear blocks and accelerate your success.

When Judy and Anita envisioned Align & Clear they saw the opportunity to combine personal development with business growth in a new framework that also includes the clearing of subconscious limiting beliefs. We've created a space for you to connect, transform and thrive.
Join us to mastermind, make connections and clear the subconscious blocks that naturally arise with growth and expansion. The fears, confidence thieves and blocks that limit your success. 
With shifts in perspective and the clearing of limiting beliefs, your value, and the value of your business grows stronger. The obstacles that are in your way are lifted, and your business and life starts to run more smoothly.
Expanding into newer versions of ourselves and reaching new heights of success brings up fears and uncertainty. Even though we are smart, hard-working, growth-focused women, committed to realizing our visions, there are days when we feel stuck, overwhelmed, disillusioned and frustrated.
More than likely as a kind, spiritually-minded entrepreneur, leader, creative or skilled practitioner you've already recognized and experienced the significant connection between practical business matters, energy, mindset and your relationship to success and prosperity.
Align & Clear is an opportunity to connect with peers, develop valuable relationships and tap into resources to help you grow your venture. We provide an environment of intelligence, compassion, kindness and respect where you are supported to increase your growth and positively impact your business. It is an energizing, effective time, dedicated to work simultaneously on you and your business each month.

spring lineup

Here are the topics starting in April. If it's your first meeting, attend a Newbie Class   We are physically located in Ontario, CANADA  Meetings take place ONLINE (Eastern Time Zone) 

Strengthen Your Boundaries, Strengthen Your Business

Feel comfortable strengthening your boundaries and having more control. Replace any fears of consequences, stress and overwhelm with new energy in managing your time and resources. 

Let’s discuss how good boundaries can take you and your business to new levels. Join us to clear the blocks limiting your success.

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Increase Your Productivity & Effectiveness

Clear resistance to being productive and effective. Complete tasks and projects with less pressure and stress. Clear the distractions that keep you from being fully present and prevent you from doing your best work. Find the balance between creativity and order. Feel energized in the process of achieving effective results.

Come to Align & Clear to simplify your efforts and unleash more flow in your business!

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Clear Communication

Whatever your business, communication affects every part of it. Speaking and writing clearly is key to relating your message in social media, podcasts, presentations and your website. Fixing communication issues improves your bottom line, expands your personal confidence and that of your customers. Speak effectively about your business wherever you have a presence. 

Come improve your communication mindset and positively impact your business. Join other like-minded women who understand and relate to your challenges.

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Increase Your Power & Presence 

Clear the beliefs, fears and habits limiting and interfering with your power, presence and position. Join us to reinforce your strength and reputation. Come to increase your visibility and status in your field, to be easily recognized by new clients. Let the impact of your authenticity and expertise lead to invitations, opportunities, and joint ventures.

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join us because you want to make progress

The entrepreneurs that join this group are graceful evolutionary types are often on the leading edge,/in the forefront of wellness practices bringing balance and harmony and new ways of achieving results in their industry and field of expertise. 
Come and form new alliances, potentially find joint venture partners and experience your business and life running more smoothly. Networking and business opportunities come naturally with authentic relationship-building. Leave inspired, refreshed, energized, open and excited to embrace new opportunities and experience better results and relationships.
Transform limitations, clear resistance, break free of frustration and blocks. Level up with fresh perspective, expanded awareness and understanding. Open to new opportunities. Fill up, and share time with other spiritually open-minded women who are committed and entrepreneurial just like you. 
Experience a new energy of networking. Connect with women who value natural leads and referrals. Women who like authentic conversations and sharing their wisdom and experience. Potentially meet partners for joint ventures affiliations and collaboration

A new way of looking at business & personal development

We recognize the indisputable connection between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves and our businesses. We have extended this to incorporate how these elements are interwoven with the traditional business areas of Marketing, Sales, Communications, Management and Strategic Planning.
Our individual personal power is influenced by home and family, life circumstances, past experiences and consequently influences our progress and success in business. 
In the balancing act between life and business, we see how things like perfection and boundaries can have advantages and disadvantages, and how we can be caught in inner conflict with external expectations or outdated ways of doing things.
It's an ongoing process to align who you are, what you do, what you believe with what you are here to achieve. People buy from,  and love working with people who are clear about what they do and have a strong sense of certainty and presence. 
Join us to positively impact your bottom line, your business and your personal life, becoming happier, more empowered, aligned and clear. 

Join us for a profound experience in personal and business growth.