Inner Influencing in Align & Clear

Inner Influencing is a series of methods, techniques, and tools that help get rid of the subconscious factors standing in the way of positive results and faster achievement of hard to reach goals.
Judy and Anita use Inner Influencing in Align & Clear meetings as a fast and effective way to accelerate results for our participants by clearing the subconscious blocks and beliefs that limit their business success. We use it to help you eliminate problems, difficulties, and hardships in your life and business.This clears the way for more positive things to come more naturally, easily and synchronistically.
Our participants reach new heights faster and easier than they thought possible. Doors open and what is envisioned can become a reality with less stress, effort, and more impact. Magic happens when we combine this elegant technique with the specific focus of the meeting. Mind clutter is transformed into clarity, once-difficult action becomes easy.
Everyone is introduced and activated to use Inner Influencing Level 1 in the Newbie class.
For those who love the results they get in Align & Clear with Inner Influencing, you may choose to pursue the Foundation Course that Paul Greblick offers. See link below.
(Please note that purchase of the Inner Influencing Foundation Course is not required in order to participate in Align & Clear).
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Inner Influencing was created by Paul Greblick of Florida in 2010. It was given to him by the Angels to help him with his own personal situation. Inner Influencing continues to help many people with a variety of issues from grief to overwhelm to painful memories and a host of other things. It uses a unique understanding of the subconscious to release limiting beliefs. Paul Greblick likes to describe Inner Influencing as a way to "Eliminate Fear, Regain Control, Get Unstuck, and Become Free."
Inner Influencing can be considered an "energy therapy" or under the genre "energy psychology". Similar to EFT (tapping) and numerous other energy modalities, Inner Influencing is based on the idea that the problems we experience are stored somewhere in our systems. Unlike these other techniques, Inner Influencing is entirely word-based. A specific short statement clears the subconscious in mere seconds.
Anita is one of few Inner Influencing practitioners, personally trained by Paul. Over the years, she has expanded its application into new areas like life coaching, weight loss, IVF (supporting in vitro fertilization efforts), and business growth.
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Inner Influencing - A highly effective modality

Inner Influencing helps you experience positive changes in your life much faster and easier than you could up until now. By participating in the Newbie class you are activated to use the first level of the Inner Influencing modality.
Personally experiencing the value, speed and positive impact through their own experience in Align & Clear, some members choose to use this modality in their own practice and below is a link for a special saving.
This video is from the Inner Influencing website and is here to provide you with extra information.
PLEASE NOTE - purchase of this program is not required for your participation in Align & Clear. Also, the reference in the video to sign up pertains to the Inner Influencing website. If you would like to explore the Inner Influencing website use the link below.