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The NEWBIE class is a prerequisite for Align & Clear. You receive the activation of Inner Influencing (a subconscious clearing modality) used to clear limiting beliefs, fears and resistance.
Today there’s more acceptance and acknowledgement of the value of intuition in business. Join us to harness the power of your inner compass for your business.
With more and more data to sift through these days, it's increasingly difficult and time-consuming to get the answers you need. When we trust our intuition as a guide to success, we can make fast decisions that not only make sense but feel right, giving more power to them.
You know more than you think you do. As you develop faith and trust in your intuition, you can feel confident to successfully use it in your business. Get rid of second guessing and have more peace. With a strong belief in your intuition, you can minimize risk and make strong decisions. 
Join us to clear blocks and limiting beliefs. Accelerate your progress with full confidence in your intuition. Learn to trust yourself and use that self-knowledge and self-assurance to create success. 


Tuesday March 21st


NEWBIES - Your First Class 

The Newbie class is a prerequisite to attend regular Align & Clear meetings. It serves as your first taste, an orientation class where everyone is new. Newbie is only offered in January, March, May & September.
In the first part of the Newbie meeting you learn about Inner Influencing, the modality we use in each meeting to clear subconscious thoughts and beliefs. In this meeting you get activated to use it.
In the second part of the meeting we apply this modality to the topic of the month. This part is a smaller version of a regular meeting, where you get to experience the clearing of your blocks and limitations, combined with mastermind and discussion.
You attend a NEWBIE class once and then join regular meetings.
Meet other open-minded women who are committed and entrepreneurial like you. Come and form new alliances, potentially find joint venture partners and experience your business and life running more smoothly. Networking and business opportunities come naturally with authentic relationship-building.
The NEWBIE class is your graceful entry point into Align & Clear, a great way for you to connect with wonderful women, see if it resonates, and decide if it is right for you and your business.


The Framework of each meeting.

This class takes place on Zoom.

Introductions - Getting to know each other

Who it’s for and some examples of success

Align & Clear - where it came from and where it’s heading.

Anita and Judy - what we bring to the table.

Inner Influencing - Explanation and Activation.

Experience Discussions, Mastermind, Block Clearing and Opening to Success.